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Hemp Wallets

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    Hemp Bi-Fold Wallet

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    Hemp Organizer Wallet

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    Hemp Slim Line Wallet

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    Hemp Wallet

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We carry a variety of different types of hemp wallets to fit your needs! The Key-chain Wallet is the smallest sized wallet, ideal for paper currency, coins, and a few cards. The Bi Fold and Hemp Leaf Wallets are more of your standard sized wallets, perfect for both currency and cards. The Hemp Organizer is the largest of the group, designed to keep a checkbook and a lot more. The Key Chain, Bi-Fold, and Organizer are all proudly made in the USA.
When you are choosing a wallet that will work best for you, one of the most important decisions besides the size is durability. Different people will have different size requirements for wallets, and that is why we try to carry different options to fit every need. The one thing that is a need across everyone would be durability. No one wants a wallet that falls apart, a wallet should last you many years. That is where hemp comes into play. Hemp is naturally one of the most durable plants around. The fabric that comes from it is much stronger than cotton, making it an ideal application for wallets and many other things. We have seen the exact models of these hemp wallets last ten years because of hemp’s durable traits.
Please also consider the environmental friendly aspect of buying a hemp wallet as well. Hemp is one of the most Eco-Friendly plants around, and needs to be used more in our every day lives to help offset all of the damage we are doing to the planet. Hemp is carbon negative when grown, meaning it absorbs more CO2 than it takes to grow it. Purchasing a hemp wallet is on step forward towards us all living a more green and sustainable lifestyle.