All Natural Hemp Socks

Hemp socks are comfortable, stylish, and environmentally friendly! Our current offerings for natural hemp socks include ankle socks, comfortable birdseye style socks, and crew socks with a variety of color options.

Wearing Hemp Socks daily have a variety of benefits, a few include:

  • Hemp socks are more durable than your average sock. These socks will outlive any other pair in your drawer.
  • They are also odor resistant and antimicrobial – a benefit for long wear.
  • Hemp Socks naturally protect against UV rays.
  • These socks will wick moisture better than your average sock thanks to the hemp fabrication.
  • Hemp has one of the lowest carbon footprints around. Every item you buy made with hemp helps the environment. While one item may seem insignificant, every bit helps.

If you are interested in trying them out, we have the option to buy on a per pair basis, but we recommend buying by the six pack for deeper discounts. We also offer the sample pack option to try multiple kinds of hemp socks at once. All of our hemp socks are proudly knit in the USA!


Birdseye – The Sock Your Feet Will Thank You For!

Crew – The Standard for Hemp Excellence!

Why buy socks every 6 months when you can buy hemp socks that will last you years!


“Their socks are now my favorite for casual wear” Dina at Justanothernewblog.

“They get more comfortable each time you wash them, and I believe they will last for years under normal conditions.” Lisa at Lifewithlisa.