10 Products Better With Hemp – #1

Hemp Everything!

Why? Eco-Friendly


So we have gone over specific products and specific benefits of hemp that tie into each one. Now it’s time to go over the main reason for hemp and the benefit the over-arches every product that is made from hemp, Eco-Friendly. Hemp has so many different advantages that contribute to being Eco-Friendly. Putting them all together makes it a no brainer to use.

Hemp does not need pesticides to grow, preventing harmful chemicals from entering the soil and waterways. Hemp is a renewable resource that can be grown in a variety of climates. Hemp can be used to make paper and building materials, alleviating the need to cut down trees. Combine that with the fact that it produces more useable product on year to year basis and hemp can and will go a long ways to helping to prevent deforestation and lowering green house gases. Hemp can produce hemp oil, which can be used as an alternative fuel and a basis for plastics. The world dependency on oil is no secret, and switching to a renewable source is critical for the long term future of the world as a whole.

You’ve learned the different benefits of hemp for products. You’ve learned why hemp as a whole is Eco-Friendly. The question is what now? Well if you want to go out and grow some hemp and live in the United States, you can’t. Hemp is banned as a crop in the United States. The official reason is that it is classified as a schedule one drug, higher than meth and cocaine. Even though the classification of hemp is the non THC bearing cousin of marijuana, that doesn’t stop the government from banning it. In reality, it was banned for the same reasons most things get done in government. Big business saw it as competition because of it’s usefulness, so they greased the hands of politicians and had it banned. For more information and resources on hemp activism, we encourage you to visit Vote Hemp.

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