10 Products Better With Hemp – #10

Hemp Belts

Why? Strength

Hemp Belt Natural Web

The strength of hemp in all it’s forms has been a known fact for a long time. Straight from Popular Mechanics in 1942, “The car, ‘grown from the soil’ had an impact strength 10 times stronger than steel at 2/3rd’s the weight for better economy. This strength is one of the main reasons hemp has been used throughout history for many different things. From sails and ropes on tall ships to modern day car parts, the strength of hemp can not be underestimated. The fibers of the hemp plant are naturally stronger than cotton or other non synthetic fibers. As Popular Mechanics stated, its strength to weight ratio is even better than steel. While hemp strength can be attributed to many different products, belts are of particular note to this.

Strength for a belt may not be at the for front of thoughts when purchasing one, but consider some of your belt purchasing in the past. How many belts do you have with bad wear marks? Or have ever had a belt that splinters at the point where you always fasten it? Hemp webbing will last much longer than that and also won’t show wear signs nearly as much. Call it a masculinity thing, but having a good, strong, American made belt, is just something all guys want in their life. Not to be left our of the hemp belt party, women can value its longevity and Eco-Fashion approach towards life. Hemp belts are simply the best in all categories and provides reasons for everyone to add it to their wardrobe.

Hemp Belt Yellow Web

The final piece to the puzzle for our web belts is the buckle. Our web belt buckles are made in America and are fully adjustable. Being fully adjustable means that they will not sit in the same place every time, providing for the wear and tear to be moved throughout the belt. Be sure to check out all of the belt color and buckle options on the web belt page! Starting at $8, hemp web belts are also extremely cost effective as well.

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