10 Products Better With Hemp – #6

Hemp Socks

Why? Odor Resistant

Natural Hemp Crew Socks

Because of hemp’s natural ability to be antimicrobial, it allows it to be odor resistant as well. As feet sweat, the warm wet conditions are the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive. Bacteria will grow wherever it can, even if you can’t see them. But just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean you can’t smell them. Foot odor is a direct results from that bacteria growth. Luckily for you, hemp socks fight back. While not an and all be all by any means, hemp sock’s antimicrobial properties hinders the ability for those bacterias to grow. Hindering that growth provides less smelly feet and less smelly socks when you take them off. For anyone, or anyone who knows someone, with smelly feet, this can be a very stinky situation. By switching from socks made with other materials to hemp or hemp blend socks, it will help to decrease foot odor problems. The more hemp in the sock, the more likely it will be to aide in your odor battles!

Natual Hemp Ankle Socks

Odor fighting isn’t the only benefit to consider with hemp socks either. If you have any issues with rashes, athletes foot, or other bacterial foot issue, the antimicrobial properties of hemp socks will also help to battle those. Being antimicrobial allows hemp to hinder the growth of these type of conditions rather than incubate it like non hemp socks would do. The added strength and durability of hemp compared to other fibers allows hemp socks to last longer to other comparable socks.

Hemp socks come in a variety of different options. The Birdseye socks are a medium to heavy weight knit sock perfect for added warmth or hiking. The crew socks can fit everything from every day wear to business casual or professional. Our hemp ankle socks are breathable enough to wear in the summer yet heavy enough to still use into the fall. Finally, the athletic ankle socks are perfect for any physical activity requiring a lighter, stretch fit sock. For every situation you may come into, we have it covered so be sure to check our hemp socks selection today!

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