10 Products Better With Hemp – #8

Hemp Bags

Why? Durability

Besides the strength of hemp, hemp is also an incredibly durable product. While similar benefits on the surface, durability and strength provide differing advantages. Think of strength as a bag being able to hold a hundred pounds. Now think of durability as that same bag being able to hold that hundred pounds a thousand times. Today’s low price driven consumer market provides for immense amounts of cheaply made wasteful products. Those products wear down quickly and break and end up in landfills. Hemp provides the additional durability to be able to outlast lower quality products. Waste is one of the biggest problems in society, and poorly made consumer goods is one of the biggest sources of waste. Consumers are trained via commercials to want and need the newest, latest, greatest thing of all time. The pride of ownership of something is completely lost. Do you really need a new bag every year? Why not one great hemp bag that could last you years and years.

An association to durability is how something is crafted. Their is a reason it is called a craft, it takes skills an expertise to craft it. Hemp Authority has partnered with Hemp Power Bag to provided finely crafted, American made, hemp bags. The hemp fabric itself is very durable, but a poor stitching technique can completely ruin that. By having a highly crafted hemp bag, made by expert American seamstresses, you can be assured that the bag will be of the highest quality and durability.

Buying American also helps keeps jobs in America and the economy running. Is it really worth saving the few dollars on buying something made by people making pennies a day locked up in a textile factory overseas, or worse by children? Buying American is something you should take pride in. The fight for growing hemp is an entirely different debate, but some day in the near future you will be able to buy hemp bags grown and sewn in America. Please visits www.votehemp.com for more information on the fight to grow hemp in America.

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