19th Century Hemp Documents Transcribed

19th Century Hemp Documents Transcribed

Summary: Hemp Authority, LLC announces it has discovered a set of congressional documents from the 19th century dealing with the use of American hemp for the US Navy. These documents may have led to an important discovery in the processing of the crop to increase it’s quality and value. Full transcriptions are available on their website.

Garden Grove, CA 10/21/2017

Hemp Authority, LLC is very excited to announce the full transcriptions of the historical hemp documents we have discovered are complete and now ready to be read and viewed on it’s website. These Congressional reports from the 19th century outline requests from congress and the US Navy, dealing with exploring using American grow hemp for cordage. The reports demonstrate a very interesting timeline of events, as well as expert analysis at the time on the current and future states of the industry. After examining these documents, it is very possible, if not plausible, that they led to the discovery of a better processing method for hemp in the United States. Dew Rotting was the standard method for farmers up to this point of time, and these documents point towards the discovery and change of technique for farmers to water rotting, resulting in a superior product. This is a potentially important discovery to the timeline of American made hemp.

You can find links for the full transcriptions of the documents, as well as individual pictures of the pages before they were sealed to preserve the historic value of them in the following links. The older of the two documents, Hemp Cordage Report – 1824, is a set of documents dealing with the initial requests for examining the use of American hemp for the US Navy, as opposed to foreign sources. US Navy Hemp Purchases – 1846 is the second, and much larger, set of documents. These documents lead to the discoveries of why American Hemp is not being used at that time, and what farmers should do to process it to produce a higher quality and value crop.

As for what is going to happen with these original documents, Hemp Authority is very excited that they have found a purpose for them. A lot of the history associated to these documents are on the east coast, away from the headquarters of Hemp Authority in California. KY Hempsters, located in the original hemp heartlands of Kentucky, are a great organization that has had great success in the hemp industry. In consideration of all that they have done and continue to do in the advancements of hemp education and legislation locally and nationally, they have a big project and announcement coming up in regards to hemp history. Without stealing the thunder of other’s announcements, Hemp Authority can announce that these documents will be going to them on permanent loan towards a much bigger project that will be able to use them in a much better capacity than Hemp Authority can. Look for some great information via official announcement from them coming out in the near future.

These documents have been hand transcribed by Jesse Clymer, owner of Hemp Authority. Hemp Authority is an American Made hemp apparel, accessories, and beauty products small business located out of Orange County, California. Hemp Authority is committed to providing resources and education for the hemp industry to restore it to its previous standing as a key crop and industry towards the overall economy. As Thomas Jefferson originally stated, “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.”

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