Buy all the things!

Buy all the things!

There are many more products available on the website compared to last week. We have added web belts, a few bag options, and Dr. Bronner’s hemp based personal care items. The web belts are manufactured in house for us so it is a very exciting step for us to be able to offer something that you can only get from us. The bags are the beginning of a product line that we hope to round out over the next month or so with a few more options. Dr. Bronner’s products are simply the best we could find in the field currently. We do not have the entire line currently, but we will add more to the site as sales pick up for them. We also have added quantity discounts for the bags and the tee shirts.

We also hit and surpassed over 1,000 combined fans/followers on Twitter and Facebook, which is great for us to have more people to interact with and give away things to! Social Media is going to be a key point to help with initial growth of company, so establishing a solid base here is critical for us. While Facebook and Twitter are great to start with, we have a lot of other avenues we are looking to explore as well. Next up for us, hopefully this coming week, will be Etsy.

Over this next week we will start doing some front and back of house things related to sales generation. We know it seems like a wild concept but we think it may be a good idea to have some sales to keep the company going. We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Years. If you are still looking for a new year’s resolution, may we suggest improving your footprint on Earth? What a better way to start than switching one thing in your life to a hemp based product.

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