Custom Projects

One of the more frequent questions we receive is about the ability to help with custom projects. The short answer is, yes we can absolutely help you! Every project is unique and has it’s own requirements and needs, so we would encourage you to email us to have a discussion about what specifically you are looking to accomplish. Here are some of the areas we can help you with, to give you an idea of what potential their might be:

  • Product & Material Sourcing
  • Manufacturing Capacities or Sourcing
  • Product Design
  • Management & Industry Training or Consulting

A few things to consider as we may already have a solution already built to fit your need:

  • Are you looking for custom branding? Check our other wholesale pages for information about putting your logo or designs printed to things like our tee shirts or backpacks
  • Are you looking for promotional materials? We have a full line of products like business cards or pinback hemp buttons with low MOQ to help grow your brand awareness and business