Grow Hemp!

Grow Hemp!

This week was a great week to remind us to add our medium weight hemp socks to the website as we went from negative double digit wind chills to start off the week to a snow storm that gridlocked almost the entire city to end it. We have a couple of industry updates, a sneak peak at some big changes in the weeks ahead, as well as some exciting news from behind the scenes!

The Washington Post wrote a nice article on the increases in the hemp legalization movement. Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) stated in an interview that when the time comes he will bring the issue of hemp legalization to president Obama. This is another large step in the process as gaining support from the bottom up in politics is key to removing hemp as a controlled substance. Ask any politician if they would support something that would create jobs, increase tax revenue, and reduce trade deficits all by very large scales. If they don’t support hemp, they don’t support those things. It wasn’t that long ago when the government actively promoted the hemp industry as evidenced by this World War Two propaganda poster.

Grow Hemp

As far as upcoming products are concerned, in the next two weeks we are looking to double the hemp products available with three new product lines. We are really excited about all the new things we have coming and we hope you will be too! A little teaser hint for one of the products, remember only one per crew! Facebook is up to 2,400 followers, we hope to hit 2,500 by the next update post. Twitter has lost a lot of ground to Facebook with 292 followers and we will shift our growth focus from Facebook to Twitter for the next few weeks. We also finally have a “complete” LinkedIn page for Hemp Authority’s company page. Moving forward this will have posts and information geared more towards the business and numbers side of things. If you are not already connected to us, here is links to our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

In the more behind the scenes areas of the company, the research and development department is hard at work getting cosmetics ready for the photo shoot at the end of February. While they will not be available for sale for a while still, we hope to have some sprinkle in to the weekly giveaways so we can get opinions on how it is coming along! Additionally, we have started taking the first steps towards adding and additional field to the research and development department, food and beverage. As this division of Hemp Authority moves forward it won’t be nearly as visible and accessible online as other divisions like apparel (as much as we’d like to, shipping hemp milk and letting it potentially sit out in the sun for awhile is not the best idea), but it will be a huge part of increasing our local brand and awareness. Who knows, if it takes off and people are interested we can set up some franchising opportunities for entrepreneurial souls!

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