Happy Mother’s Day from Hemp Authority!

Happy Mother’s Day from Hemp Authority!

Our update this week will be short and sweet as today as I am off to see my mother and grandmother, and bring them both some lovely hemp items for Mother’s Day! What a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day then with gifts that also help out one of the most important mothers of all, Mother Earth.

Kentucky state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer had made our news update again this week as he traveled to Washington to try to lobby for the legalization of hemp. Comer has become a vocal leader for the cause and it is nice to see someone not be afraid to stand up for what they believe in. He has gone on to say that he is more hopeful than ever that hemp will be able to be grown in his state in 2014. We encourage anyone with a Twitter to follow him on there as he keeps it very update to date and is an incredibly accessible person. We really can’t say enough about this guy, he has taken the full steam ahead approach and is doing great things with it.

For Hemp Authority, we are still hard at work on about 500 different behind the scenes things. We hope within the next week or two you will see the return of reviews and giveaways for our products. We simply got too busy for a little while to be able to keep up with this, but now that we have additional staff we can keep this going. Being able to give away hemp products always has, and continues to be, and important thing. Being able to see/feel/use great hemp products is the best marketing we can have because we truly believe we have the best products available. We will host the giveaways directly on our site one month at a time, with multiple ways to earn entries for them. We are also working on a gamification part to our site which will allow frequent visitors a way to compete on a leader board for cool hemp merchandise as well. Where as the giveaways to have a bit of luck attached to them, the gamification will be more of a system that rewards the most interactive fans for us on a month to month basis. This system is also a lot more complex, so will take additional time to continue developing. We once again hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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