Hemp Backpacks

Hemp Backpacks by Hemp Authority

Our current selection of hemp backpacks are all hand made in the rural Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. Our bags are all certified fair trade by our partners. Why do our hemp backpacks come from Nepal? Because hemp is one of the few things that can grow in Nepal from the combination of high altitudes and rough, mountainous terrain. The strength and resiliency of this amazing plant has bred a wonderful niche hemp market in Nepal, a very poor country still struggling to repair itself from the earthquake of 2015. We are happy and proud to have partnered with the wonderful people of Nepal to bring you these backpacks. Check out our small bags and pouches, as well as our hemp slippers, for other hemp items beyond our hemp backpacks that we get from Nepal.

Hemp Backpacks

Equip Yourself with Durable Hemp Backpacks from Hemp Authority

Hemp backpacks are durable and environmentally responsible. These backpacks have a fantastic natural feel to them, while still having the quality stitching and design of a modern backpack. Spacious main zippered compartment, more than enough room for textbooks, laptops, or anything else you wish to carry. Two front zippered pockets for small item storage. Two side pockets for additional storage capacity. Adjustable straps. Assorted colors and styles will vary backpack to backpack. Each will have a minimum of one main compartment with separated internal velcro  pocket inside of it, two small side pockets, and an additional front smaller zippered pocket. Certain bags may have additional features beyond that.

Dimensions: 18″x 12″x 6″


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Protect Your Gear in Hemp

Shop this hemp rucksack backpack from Hemp Authority. It has the quality you need to protect your belongings with the all natural color and style of hemp. Starting school in the fall? Show your hemp pride with a hemp rucksack bag and sport your support for the environment. Hemp is an eco-friendly, antimicrobial alternative to your typical everyday fabrics. Shop hemp at Hemp Authority for everything you need!

  • Looped hook top closure
  • Additional pull string closure under loop closure for added security
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Adjustable straps

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Drawstring Hemp Backpacks – $19

This natural, eco-friendly hemp drawstring backpack is a perfect lightweight option to carry around small items. It’s natural feel of hemp also provides additional durability. Drawstrings tighten to allow bag to close fully. Features an additional zippered compartment on the front. Hand made via fair trade in Nepal.

Measures 17″ tall by 14″ wide.

Need even more hemp bags beyond our Hemp backpacks?

Small Hemp Bags and Pouches

Hemp Coin Purse – Perfect small round pouch for all occasions

Hemp Leaf Pouch – Storage and style

Hemp Pencil Case – Nice and long for pencils, brushes, or anything else

Hemp Totes

We carry a wide variety of hemp totes to meet all your carrying needs. Our natural fiber Hemp Tote Bag is by far the most popular, which includes an interior pocket!

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