Hemp Belts by Hemp Authority

Hemp Belts made by Hemp Authority, made with 100% hemp webbing
All of our hemp belts are made with 100% hemp webbing imported from Romania. They are all your standard web belt width of 1.25″. We have a wide variety of different buckle styles to fit your needs, as listed by the different products below. Because of this variety, under each belt buckle style, you can choose the following options;

Choose your hemp belt color:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Natural (Khaki/Beige)

Choose your hemp belt size:

  • Small Belt: 34″ belt for waist sizes 32″ and below
  • Medium Belt: 42″ belt for waist sizes 33″-40″
  • Large Belt: 48″ belt for waist sizes 41″-46″
  • X-Large Belt: 56″ belt for waist sizes 47″-54″

Furthermore, some hemp belt styles, such as the flip top belt buckle, have multiple buckle options available withing the product page. All of the buckles come with a matching belt tip to the buckle, and you can decide what style fits you best. You can go with a black buckle on black webbing which will give you a clean, professional hemp belt look. If you want the buckle to stand out and accent your outfit more, you may want to do a silver buckle on a black belt, or a black buckle on a natural belt. With 11 different buckles, three colors of webbing, and four size options, you have 132 different hemp belt options to choose from as a result! All of our hemp belts are $12 for sizes S-L, and $14 for size XL. Any belts can be cut smaller after purchase if need be, but they just can’t magically become longer! If the belt is too long for you, such as if you require an XS sized belt, simply detach the belt buckle, cut the webbing to your desired length, and reattach the buckle to desired length. Rather than being unsure, always lean towards the large size and cut down, rather than it not fitting.

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