Fall Lineup is released!

Fall Lineup is released!

It has been awhile since we have posted, but for good reasons! We are happy to announce that our fall lineup is released and available to view here. Some of the highlights include new Hemp Peace Sign and Peace, Love, and Hemp graphic tee shirts. Wholly Hemp’s bar soaps now come in Rose, Eucalyptus, and Secret Falls. Minawear’s new offerings for this fall include a Raglan Tunic, Raglan Long Sleeve Shirt, and Tank Top. We have also added the Hemp Peace Sign and Peace, Love, and Hemp options to our drawstring backpacks. We are very excited to have such a robust lineup for this Fall, and are already looking forward to the Spring!

Speaking of the Hemp Bag options, we are also happy to be able to say we have partnered up with Hemp Power Bag to be able to help each other spread the word of hemp products to more people. Over the next few weeks we will be overhauling their website, starting the social medias going, and just helping to get the word out about their products. The American made hemp bags they produce are some of the finest products we have ever come across and we are very excited to see where this partnership will lead to.

A few more last minute notes, we will have a booth at the Hemp Heals Philly Festival this upcoming Saturday. If you are planning on attending make sure to swing by our booth and say hey! Also don’t forget that every month we have a new hemp giveaway that you can enter many different way listed at this page. This month is your choice of any of the new graphic tees we have, so be sure to enter as many times as you can! Now that we have made it through the back of house workings of the partnership, and all the logistics associated with the fall line up, our updates will start coming out once a week again and we will become more engaged in social media. We are also working on a print catalog, so be sure to follow us either through these posts or on any of our social medias to grab your copy when it is ready!

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  • Kristen Lloyd

    Love the new tees!

    September 6, 2013 at 2:03 AM

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