Hemp Food Products

Hemp Food Products

A lot has happened with Hemp Authority moving into the holiday season, and we wanted to make sure you were in the know! For any last minute holiday shopping, check out our holiday gift guide. There has been a ton of new products added to our website over the last few months. There are some great stocking stuffer options available such as travel sized beauty products, new scents for lip balm, and 1oz hemp seed packets. We will be shipping out orders up until December 21st, but please place them in the next few days to guarantee they will arrive on time.

We have expanded our food products lineup tremendously, with a few more new products sneaking in just yesterday. We have a great selection of hemp seeds, oils, even a new protein powder. If you haven’t already checked them out, you can find all of our hemp food products here! There’s hemp oil based coffee, espresso, and teas. We have even added a CBD infused selection of coffees and teas.

Our CBD line continues to be customer’s new favorite line. If you haven’t already tried it, CBD is a great natural alternative to heal many things. Customers use is for pain management, epilepsy and seizures, and sleep trouble and anxiety. We have tinctures, topicals, even shampoos and a tincture specifically for pets available. Be on the look out for a Hemp Authority private label tincture in 2019!

Moving into 2019, we will be providing a lot of supplemental information for our food products and all products through this posts feed. Hemp recipes will be the main focal point, along with other additional health and wellness articles posted to the site. We hope you enjoy the new format as we look to bring back continuous educational content about hemp to the website. We hope you all have had a wonderful and prosperous 2018, and we are excited to share our adventures with you in 2019!

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