Hemp hats, back packs, and the facts.

Hemp hats, back packs, and the facts.

This week was another busy week for us as we received a lot of new products in, but most exciting was an article written about our products! Over at Tvfishbowl, a great article was written by Stephanie Soper on the socks she received from one of our weekly giveaways. We are really glad she enjoyed them and encourage anyone who wants to see a good review about our products to give it a read! This is another testament to why to enter our giveaways! Speaking of those, we are going to switch up the entry process a bit for a few weeks to try out a new process and make sure we are in compliance with everything. We are switching our giveaway to people signed up to receive these weekly updates via email! How do you do that? Very simple, at the bottom of every page on Hemp Authority is a box to enter your email, easy as that!

In hemp industry news, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is now added to the growing list of supporters for hemp being allowed in the United States. This is another very large step in the process, and really over the last few weeks from a political standpoint more progress has been made then over the last decade combined. This is a very exciting time and could really be the beginnings of a green revolution in the US. This increase of speed was one of the main reasons we branched out our research and development team to an entire new industry to start preparing for rapid growth.

Like we stated in our last update, we have been hard at work getting new things up and ready to go on the site this week. First up is a line of hats from California that are all 100% hemp and made in the USA. Secondly, we have drawstring backpacks and totes that are also 100% hemp and made in America. Last, and certainly not least, is our conjunction with the company Minawear out of Texas. Minawear, simply put, makes the coolest stuff we have ever seen so far in the hemp apparel market. From yoga pants to leggings to booty shorts, working with them has allowed us to expand our offerings into an impressive line of active wear. There is even unisex options for men! The coloring options bring even more greatness to this line. You can find these items within our active wear section on the site!

Hemp FedoraHemp Clam Diggers

While certain things just do not have the infrastructure to be produced in the US just yet, it is important for us to find and work with any company that does so currently. Being able to grow, process, and manufacture hemp is a key component to fixing a lot of problems we currently face. That being said, the growing part of that plan is still illegal in the US, which then hinders the processing and manufacturing components as well. By next week we hope to have an exciting announcement about our improved efforts to help remedy that situation. Also, we should have one if not more new products to talk about.

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