Hemp Jewelry

Hemp Jewelry by Hemp Authority

Hand Made Hemp Necklaces

Multi colored hemp twine makes up the core base of each necklace, which measures approximately 36″ around. $9

Hand made hemp twin necklaces with beautiful bead work woven into each piece. $9

Comes in three color options: Red, Green, or Blue. It has bead flowers running up from the pendant, The pendant measure approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. $14

Hand Made Hemp Bracelets and/or Anklets

These bracelets are intertwined with hemp yarn and beaded with multicolor beads. $4

These spiral knit hemp bracelets are made of quality hemp yarn and they’re the perfect accessory for any look. $4

These bracelets are perfect for stacking and will have the strength to hold up through all of your adventures. $4

Each one is hand made and styles and variations will change. If you see a particular color you like in the pictures please note in the order notes so we can let you know if we can exact match it or how close we can get. $9

This wild piece of foot jewelry expresses a tribal, beach vibe perfect for beach festivals, hooping, and dancing around the campfire. $25

A hemp bracelet created with a mix of semi-precious gemstones, including rose quartz, amethyst, green aventurine and more. The bracelet features an adjustable knot closure with a circumference of 7-11 inches. $15

This beautiful hemp anklet is created with magnetite beads, gypsy beads, glass beads, silver metal bell charms and metal alloy mermaid charms. $25

Toe Sandals

Amethyst and Feathers

Woven dream catcher with imitation sinew. The base of the dream catcher is a brass ring, wrapped in a soft, brown deerskin suede leather cord. Sold as a pair for $52.

Ivory Flowers & Jasper

These barefoot sandals are hand braided with eco-friendly hemp, jasper beads, and beautiful faux daisies in your choice of color.  Sold as a pair for $15.

Rasta Beads

They are created with black hemp and wood beads in Rasta colors of red, yellow, and green. Sold as a pair for $15.

Feathers & Amethyst

These stylish barefoot sandals are created with cruelty free, chicken feathers collected on a farm! Sold as a pair for $29.

Hemp Jewelry

All of the hemp jewelry items are based with some form of hemp twine or thread, thickness varying with each individual item. All of the bracelets also will double as anklets, depending upon what your specific needs and desires are for them. All of these hemp jewelry pieces are hand crafted per piece, so their may be some variation on the appearance of them from piece to piece. We do our best to photograph post examples of what the current inventory looks like, but if you are concerned about the exact look of a piece of jewelry, please feel free to reach out to us. There is a notes field in checkout, putting a note about what you are specifically looking for will be the best and fastest way to ensure that your order will be filled to your satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns before checkout, you can also feel free to call or email us, the contact information is in the bottom of this and every page. Create your perfect Eco-Fashion look by combining multiple pieces. Pair a headband with a necklace and/or bracelet to create the ultimate three piece Eco-Friendly fashion accessory statement. Most of the items are either adjustable or one size fits all. Items such as the headbands and toe sandals are tie back designs, so they will fit any size perfectly. All of the bracelets and necklaces have multiple attachments sizes on the back end of them to fit any size. Once again, because this product category deals with more unique items than other categories, please feel free to shoot us an email with any questions! Thank you and hempy shopping!

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