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Vote Hemp

Vote Hemp –

Vote Hemp is a national, single-issue, nonprofit organization dedicated to the acceptance of and free market for industrial hemp, low-THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis, and to changes in current law to allow U.S. farmers to grow the crop. Our ultimate goal is having hemp grown on a commercial scale in the U.S. once again and for the crop to be able to be processed here as well. We educate people on the issues surrounding hemp, register voters, and build coalitions to fulfill our mission.




Hemp History Week

Hemp History Week


National Hemp Association

National Hemp Association – Mission:

To support the growth and development of all aspects of the industrial hemp industry.

• Educating and informing the public about the health, environmental, and economic benefits of reviving an industry that has been prohibited for over seventy years;
• Building a community of individuals, businesses and organizations to facilitate the growth of the industry;
• Working collaboratively with industry, government officials, and the scientific community to create and implement industrial hemp standards, certifications and regulations.


Hemp Industries Association

Hemp Industries Association – Mission:
To represent the interests of the hemp industry and to encourage the research and development of new products made from industrial hemp, low-THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis. The HIA and HIA Members:
• Educate the public about the exceptional attributes of hemp products.
• Facilitate the exchange of information and technology between hemp agriculturists, processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
• Maintain and defend the integrity of hemp products.
• Advocate and support socially responsible and environmentally sound business practices.



State Hemp Organizations that we love!


Indiana Hemp Industries Associations


Kentucky Hempsters

• Re-ignite the Kentucky hemp industry through education, outreach and creative content.
• Educate Kentuckians and others on the past, present and future of the hemp industry.
• Create new associations – heritage, history, and hope – for hemp.
• Increase support for the federal declassification of industrial hemp (the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015.)
• Create a thriving Kentucky hemp demand.


Please note that we are always happy to make new connections! If you are involved with a local, state, or national hemp non-profits that help promote the industry, we’d love to hear from you.