Hemp Product Development Rumblings

Hemp Product Development Rumblings

Now that we have settled into our new home out here on the west coast in Orange County, it’s time for us to put the pedal to the metal and expand the breadth of our product offerings. With our commitment to all US based manufacturing by 2018 in mind and moving forward, we are excited to share some of our recent developments as we continue our journey. Thank you for being a part of it!

On the product front, we are happy to announce the additions of new bottoms options. Our hemp leggings, booty shorts, and sweat pants bring back some of the previous apparel product offerings we’ve had in the past, but this time with the Made in the USA tag attached to them. Proudly made in Michigan, these wonderful hemp clothing additions help further round out our product offerings. The leggings and sweat pants are available in black, while the booty shorts come in purple. Additional colors and apparel choices will also be coming soon.

We’ve also revamped our entire hemp jewelry line, as part of our commitment to our all Made in America lineup by 2018. This line revamp also allows us to enhance a product line with bigger and better offerings. We’ve brought back toe sandals, a product so popular we completely ran out. This time, with 4 different styles to meet your personal tastes. Other new jewelry options include dream catcher earrings, new bracelet / anklets, and a feathered headpiece / choker. Each piece is hand crafted with love in Colorado.

Great hemp things are in the works here for future product development. Our in house dye set up is complete, and we have been testing and perfecting the process for a few month. Dyeing our own hemp clothing to need will help us dramatically cut down on inventory, respond to market demand faster, and further our wholesaling capabilities. Another fantastic addition to our family is a dual bed flat knitting machine. This is our first true piece of textile manufacturing machinery to have in house, which opens the door for many things moving forward. We hope to have a sprinkling of knit hemp products in time for the holiday season as we gear up using it and developing our own patterns for products. The product offering options from this piece of machinery are huge, including many products not even available currently in the hemp market. Beanies, glove, scarves, hoodies, towels, and bralettes are just some of the products we have on deck for this new capacity. Combine the new manufacturing capabilities with our in house dyeing, and many new products and colors are on the way from us to you.

As we get closer to the holiday season, a friendly reminder that wholesale orders should have already been placed and in the production queue. If you are one of our wholesale customers and have not placed your holiday season order, please reach out to us as soon as possible. Retail customers, get excited for what is coming down the pipeline for new products!

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