Website Upgrades and Future Comings

Website Upgrades and Future Comings

We have made a ton of various updates to the website to kick off the year. All of these are designed for additionally functionality and ease of use to make the website both easier to use and have more powerful options. The only subtraction has been The Hemp Newspaper has been removed from site. Unfortunately, the software did not perform nearly up to the standards that we hold. We will continue to look for new and innovative ways to help spread the hemp news to everyone.

Gift certificates are now available in increments of $25, $50, $100, and $250. They are automatically generated and emailed to the desired recipient. It’s the most Eco-Friendly way to go and the most Eco-Friendly way to get a gift for someone, even last minute. Our hope is as the interest in hemp and environmentally friendly conscious increases, these will be a great way to give a gift without having to guess on exactly what someone will want.

Social sharing has also received a huge face lift on the site in the form of a new social sharing bar on the left hand side of all pages. Everything from your more popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter down to social shopping sites like Pinterest and Wanelo can now be easily accessed on every page. This will help us gain exposure on all of the social outlets and increase brand awareness. So if you use any of those sites please feel free to express your love for our products on them!

We have added two new payment gateways for more checkout options for customers. The Paypal method will allow customers to go to Paypal and use their user ID to complete the transaction. Bitcoin allows users to be able to pay with Bitcoins, and if they use any trade markets, various other cryptocurrencies . These additions will add both functionality now and for the future. Ecommerce is shifting heavily towards cryptocurriences, so being able to be a forwarning for merchants just makes sense.

The next steps and updates will all be surrounding product updates and expansion. We have two Press Release worth announcements to come in the coming month dealing with production and business positioning. Our Spring lineup is also right around the corner so stay tuned for photo shoot pictures and Spring product releases.

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