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Shelling the hemp seed produces the most nutritious and tender part of the seed, the heart. Hemp Hearts taste great, are easy to use, and nutritious too! There’s no need to grind or cook Hemp Hearts, they’re ready to eat straight from the bag and are simple to incorporate into your diet. Try sprinkling them on salads, cereal, or yogurt or blend them into smoothies. The only limit is your imagination.

Hemp Hearts may look little, but they contain 10 grams of plant-based protein and 12 grams of omega-3 and omega-6 per 30-gram serving (more than a comparable serving of flax or chia).

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil offers a delicate nutty flavour. Try adding it to dressings, sauces, and dips, or finish off your dishes with a drizzle of green.

Our hemp oil is cold pressed and cold filtered with no added preservatives or dyes. Each 15-millilitre serving (1 tablespoon) contains 10 grams of omega-3 and omega-6. The light, nutty taste is perfect drizzled over veggies, on pasta, or even on your popcorn for movie night. You can also add it to salad dressings, sauces, dips, and shakes. Use this light green oil as a substitute for other oils in recipes that aren’t heated above 300 °F (150 °C). Not recommended for frying.

Hemp Protein

It all starts with the highest quality hemp seed. Sourced and processed for maximum nutrition, this pure, plant based hemp protein powder is gluten, soy and lactose free, but rich in 9 vitamins and minerals.

You can also use this as a flour substitute in baked goods!


6 Grams of fiber per serving!

16 Grams of healthy, plant based protein.

Omega 3 fatty acids blend – great for the body and joints

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