Kentucky hemp news round up

Kentucky hemp news round up

This week’s update article for Hemp Authority is being entirely devoted to KY House Speaker Greg Stumbo and his recent involvement in industrial hemp litigation. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more Hemp Authority specific related information.

Industrial hemp legalization hit a small bump in the road this week when KY House Speaker Greg Stumbo was quoted in an article stating, “You wouldn’t want to turn them away from profitable crops and ask them to grow something that there’s no market for. And quite frankly, the evidence that we’ve seen indicates that there’s not much of a market for industrial hemp.” Stumbo makes the presumptuous statement that by legalizing industrial hemp farmers will be forced to grow that crop even if it is unprofitable to them. Last time we checked, farmers can grow whatever they please. He also states he has seen evidence saying there is no market for hemp, even though pretty much everyone else involved says the opposite. Furthering his credibility in choice, Stumbo came out in support of increasing tax revenues by installing “slot-like machines” in the states two horse tracks. Now slot machines are banned in KY, but because these are only “slot-like” they circumvent the law. Stumbo is okay with going around a law to make an extra dollar in one field but against rescinding a law based upon the same principle in another. Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Machester, told reporters it’s as if Stumbo is simply tossing ideas against a wall and seeing which ones might stick. Stumbo has no idea what he is talking about in a variety of fields, but feels the needs to articulate his opinion on a topic (industrial hemp) with no backing to it.

Stumbo also cites unanswered marketability questions as a reason for not legalizing industrial hemp. “Canadian hemp is flooding the market,” Stumbo said, “so this rush to judgment is not conducive to good policy.  We need to study it.  We need to make sure that there is a market.”. So, Stumbo wants to slow down and make sure that the market, that by his own words is being flooded by Canadian hemp, is indeed a market and not a mythical being. He ads, “I’m not going to rush out just because a couple of senators – misguided senators – and congressional leaders think that it’s a good idea”. Once again, Stumbo believes that senators and congressional leaders acting upon solid evidence in support of industrial hemp are misguided in those actions, and his opinion of the matter should carry more weight than the facts. Last time we checked, the United States was supposed to be the land of the free. Freedom of choice is just one of those freedoms. Why then, is a law preventing this freedom of choice still in effect? Further more, how is your argument against it the marketability of the crop? It is not your choice House Speaker Greg Stumbo to tell people what they can or can not grow based upon marketability concerns. This is America, and we should be allowed to grow whatever we want.

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