Likes, bags, and Kentucky

Likes, bags, and Kentucky

Our Facebook page hit 1,000 likes today and is still steadily climbing which is great news. We also have integrated a beta level cart with the page. It still has some quirks with list order and product variations, but it is a nice and easy way for customers to purchase items. We have started work on a LinkedIn company page that we will work to promote in the future, as well as starting to work on gaining twitter followers as well. A few posts ago we spoke of Etsy as something we wanted to work on, but after further review we have decided to put that on the back burner for the time being. The requirement for hand made goods hinders the options we can put on the site currently and we don’t see the value in only posting a couple of products. LinkedIn is a much better option for the new type of social media to start gearing up as it will provide us the opportunity to connect to people on a professional level to hopefully start making some big moves on the back end of things.

We received and added a few new products this week.  First off are the new belt options that add a little more pizazz then the current web belt offerings. There is a few different style options as well as two sizes and can be viewed here. Also, we have added some vibrantly colored hemp pouches so we now have a small reusable bag option. Finally, our favorite addition is the hemp messenger bag. This bag is fantastic, it has a great fit to the body, is small enough to not be burdensome while still holding a lot of items, and has a very durable feel to it. Throw a tablet, chargers, and paperwork in it and you have an entire mobile office on the go.

Hemp messanger Bag

Alternet has a good read on reasons to remove the ban on growing hemp in the United States. If you are unfamiliar with some of the reasons why it is banned or why many people believe it shouldn’t be, this article is a great starting point for anyone. Kentucky has also been in the spotlight this week again by gaining more support for legalizing industrial hemp to help aid the economy, this time from the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. A bill was filed by the agricultural committee chair to legalize hemp production.

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