How to make hemp milk at home


Supplies Needed

  • 1 cup hemp seeds
  • 1 Soyajoy maker including container and strainer
  • Whisk
  • 2x Hands on Hemp bakery bags
  • 1 32 oz. mason jar
  • 1 spare container

Step One – Make sure to thoroughly wash off your hemp seeds. I use the strainer to hold them for this. Ecoli lives in small parts on everything, especially seeds. Rinsing is critical to making sure your milk will be clean.
Step Two – Add filtered water to fill line in Soyajoy machine, then add washed hemp seeds. Filtered water will help the taste, freshness, and shelf life of your hemp milk.
Step Three – Run on Raw/Juice setting
Step Four – Strain seeds into container using strainer. You will need to whisk the mixture to allow all the liquid to flow through. Do not worry about getting every last ounce, the Soyajoy makes slightly more than 32 ounces each time so do not need every ounce of liquid.
Step Five – Save the ground hemp seed meal! This is extremely dense in nutrients. I add it to my compost pile. If you do not compost, firstly consider starting. Beyond that, add it to a flower bed or a struggling patch of grass. This stuff will really give your compost a nutrient boost.
You can see the hemp milk in it’s super raw state at this step. It is still dark with a hint of green to it, as it needs all of the fine particles removed still.
Step Six – Filter the hemp milk into the mason jar through the hemp bags. Because they are a much finer filter, they will gum up again and that is why you need two. Use half the milk with the first bag, remove, and repeat with the second bag. When removing the bag, twist it and pull upward to attempt to mitigate spilling fresh hemp milk everywhere.
Check out the comparison to an off the shelf hemp milk (which is also great). Note you have made raw hemp milk, while the one in the pictured is sweetened. If you prefer a sweetened or flavored variety, you can add organic honey and/or vanilla to taste.

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