New Hemp Goods Coming Soon & A Hemp Facts Article

New Hemp Goods Coming Soon & A Hemp Facts Article

We officially have products on the way for the “winter launch”. I put it in quotations because rather than an expansion on existing lines, all of the products this time around will be part of a new category on Hemp Authority’s website. It will still be at least a month before the launch goes live, depending upon shipping time for some items. We have things coming from as far as Nepal, so the shipping times are a little hard to predict. Once everything is ready to go, we hope that they will bring additional value to the overall Hemp Authority brand as well as give more subsistence to the thought process of hemp being able to do many different things.

Over at the site ROOTitALL, they have a great article on hemp facts versus myths. The article goes over many different facts on hemp over the years, with sources, and well as some great education videos in the articles. We encourage you to check out the article and take the time to watch the videos with it as well. Their is even a link to Lotus’ new Eco car which is built in part from hemp! It may not be something you or I could buy anytime soon, but damn, is it a nice car.

California has also followed a similar path to Kentucky in signing a bill to legalize industrial hemp, with a catch. The bill is contingent upon the federal government first legalizing hemp. While this is still a great step for the overall hemp fight, it lends more weight for the need for it to be addressed on a national level. California has obviously been very progressive in multiple fronts over the last decade, so adding them to list of states ready to go should add more substance to the argument for a national change in policy. With the Hemp Industries Association conference coming up next month, hopefully a strong plan for the final push will be put together.

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