New products are in, Cyber Monday sales, and new format for Hemp news

New products are in, Cyber Monday sales, and new format for Hemp news

Their is a TON of new hemp products to talk about! In our beauty category we are excited to introduce an entire new lineup from Bear’s Beauty. These products include a cleansing facial oil, foaming facial oil, facial serum, Men’s shave cream, and a solid perfume. All of these products are made with hemp, made in America, have no artificial ingredients, and are not animal tested! Our hats lineup also has two new winter themed additions; a traditional beanie and beanie with brim. Both of these hats are made in America. We have also introduced an entire new product category, hempellaneous. This category has tons of new products in it; 3 new wallets, shoes, sandals, slippers, a dream catcher, journal, hemp wicks, coffee filters, and small bags. With the holiday season now upon us, some of these products may sell out, so be sure to grab them while you can.

Speaking of the holiday season, with Cyber Monday almost upon us, it is time for us to announce our Cyber Monday specials that we will be having! The entire Hempz line will be 40% off, all of our hemp drawstring backpacks will be 50% off, and the Dr. Bronners line will be 60% off. These sales will be on Cyber Monday only, so make sure to come back then and grab some fabulous hemp items!

We are changing the format a bit associated to how we release information. Our blog posts are now going to be a monthly basis, focusing in more on what is happening with Hemp Authority over that month. Hemp News is such an important piece that we have decided to separate it into it’s own thing that will focus on just hemp news from around the country and world. If you are interested in receiving hemp news information, please visit our Hemp Newspaper section. This is updated every Thursday and provides the most up to date hemp news information available.

Last but certainly not least is we were fortunate enough to be a part of the Hemp Industries Association Conference in Washington, DC last week. This was an amazing experience for myself and a great growing opportunity for Hemp Authority as a whole. We met tons of great hemp folks and had some really amazing meetings at the Capital Building to try to move forward legislation to grow hemp in America. The meetings were very upbeat and positive and it really looks promising that something will be happening in the near future.

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