One voice, one cause, vote hemp!

One voice, one cause, vote hemp!


We are proud to announce our membership in the Hemp Industries Association. The HIA is a great organization at the forefront of education and advocacy in the hemp industry. They produce and maintain vote hemp, a site geared specifically towards the legislative efforts. The HIA has played an instrumental role in the bill that is being introduced to congress to legalize industrial hemp. This bill could be pushed as soon as next week, so expect to see an increase in efforts on our part to help make it happen. When Hemp Authority started just a few months ago, we wrote a strategic plan that put a timeline of three years before hemp would be legalized. The face that it could happen so much quicker is mind boggling to us and incredibly exciting. We hope to excite as many people as possible about it as we can, because once it happens it will be a historic turning point for the United States as a whole.

As the week progresses we will keep everyone up to date on news in those fields via our social media outlets, so if you are not already connected to us please do so! We will also start utilizing these outlets more moving forward with more information, updates, and interactions to bring even more value to them. Everyone loves free things and we will continue to bring that aspect to the table, but a knowledgeable person is truly the most valuable thing we can offer. With knowledge comes power, and helping everyone understand the importance of hemp right now is very important. Ask someone what they think about hemp this week, and if they don’t know the facts inform them! Tell them all the great things hemp can be used for!

This week also brings a new product to the site, fleece roll up hats. These hats all ultra comfortable and a great hat for the wonderful winter weather currently upon us. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes. We have a few more products in the works, but after that our Spring and Summer lines will be fairly well set and product launches will be taking a break. During this time we will be focusing on getting our Fall lineup put together, as well as have more of a group focused effort on some of the things still in development.


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