Hemp Based Products for Pain Management

Topical Applications – Direct Pain Management

Topical products are used for direct application to pain management sources. Can be used as either preventative measures, or addressing active issues. These products would be for area specific problems, such as arthritis, area specific back pain, concentrated area migraines, skin conditions or muscle injuries. Organized in three categories to help dial into your specific needs.

Daily Use Hemp Topical Pain Management

Designed for pain prevention more than for pain management, daily use hemp oil based pain management products are a great option to increase your body’s health.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Great for strengthening hair, stimulating growth, and making it more healthy

Body Scrubs: Especially great for treatment and prevention of skin conditions. Suggested daily use for battling eczema, dry skin, and acne problems.

Regular Strength Hemp Topical Pain Management

These products are intended for pain management use without being too overly strong. Use for treatment of ailments such as back or muscle pain, or arthritis. Designed to provide pain relief. See each additional product page on specifics for applications and intended use. Use as directed.


Hemp Authority’s Pick: Hemp Pain Creams by Cannabis Basics

Medical Strength Topical Hemp Pain Management

Designed to relieve and treat pain in a natural way. These products have high concentrations of hemp oil and/or CBD in them to provide direct, medical grade, application to serious and or chronic pain areas. Not designed for daily use, designed to target and relieve moderate to severe sources of pain. Products will work differently for every individual and results will vary. See individual product pages for more information. Use as directed.

Full Body Pain Management

Hemp Oil Concentrated Solutions

Check back soon as this summer we will be tripling the options available for full body hemp pain management. Adding another US based grown, certified, and tested brand, as well as a Hemp Authority CBD extracted only option.

Hemp Based Drinks

Hemp Teas & Coffees, a great way to add more hemp to your daily routine. See products for additional information. Use as directed.

Hemp Pain Management for Pets

More options coming soon for our furry friends!

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