Peace, Love, and Hemp

Peace, Love, and Hemp

In hemp news, a Colorado hemp grower has planted the first commercial scale hemp plant in 60 years. This is another great step forward on the path to hemp becoming main stream in the U.S. Hemp news takes a back seat this week to the national tragedy that unfolded. Hemp Authority always has been and always will be an environmentally conscious company. With that comes a sense of caring and compassion for not just the planet, but the people on it as well. The events that took place were terrible and our thoughts and prayers have been with Boston ever since. Being a Pittsburgh base company, we have found this Mr. Rogers quote to be incredibly on point; “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” Many Bostonians became heros over the last week, helping people that would have died if they weren’t. All of us at Hemp Authority have become recommitted to that quote, making sure we take any opportunity to help someone. A friendly smile, a door held open, whatever it may be, the only way the world becomes filled with peace and love is if we fill it ourselves.


For Hemp Authority specific updates, another new product for this week, this time we have added the hemp newsboy hat, which is also made in America. Also, we have updated the hemp bar soap page to allow either single or three pack ordering with a discount on the three pack! We have fallen a little bit behind in responding to the high volume of various email requests we have been receiving. Please be patient with us, we promise to be caught up by the end of the week! We have a whole bunch of large scale action items going on behind the scenes, and as some of these come into fruition over the next few months, Hemp Authority will be in an even great position to help show the world the wonders of hemp!

If you follow the tech world news, you may have noticed a lot of issues going on with WordPress sites being under attack from a botnet. As our site is a WordPress powered site, we felt the need to make a statement in regards to this. In no way is our site vulnerable to the current issue at hand, and for many reasons. The most important being the Botnet attack is a DDoS attack focusing on sites that have the log in credentials “admin” for their admin panel, something we never had. We also have a very good host provider who has been one of the companies taking the lead in denying IP addresses associated with this specific instance. We also use a third party checkout system specifically for reasons such at this. Any customer’s financial information is never even seen on the site, it is all handled in an even more secure fashion by another company. Even if some day the site was somhow compromised, credit card information is never seen by our site so it can never be taken. Those three reasons, plus a handful of other smaller ones, are systems we have already had in place sine before this attack was launched, specifically to defend the site from such a thing. The information started coming out last weekend, and because at first it was a little cloudy as to the extent of the power of the botnet attack, we made the decision to shut down the admin portal for the weekend as a final safety precaution. If you were wondering why there was not update last week, it was because of this reason, and we do apologize for that.

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