Playing in Sandboxes

Playing in Sandboxes


Naturally, the week we attempt to go live with some products is the same week we manage to make a nice rookie mistake to prevent us from that. WordPress (the software the website is based on) released an update to which we upgraded to without thinking twice. Well Woocommerce (a plugin of WordPress) is having a serious compatibility issue with it and prevents products with variations to work correctly. Meaning if we wanted to sell one shirt of one size with one color we would be fine, other than that it won’t currently work. Lesson of the week learned; always have a sandbox mirror to test any website changes before implementing them on the site. The only way we could currently fix this would be to erase everything and install an old WordPress version and meticulously set up every page and setting that would be gone. So for now, we sit and wait for a Woocommerce update to allow us to sell things. Hopefully this is a single occurrence, if not we may have to switch the entire backend of the website to prevent future issues.

The positive out of this is while trying to debug the issue (before realizing it was a software patch bug and not something we did), we changed the theme to something we like a little better. Now the colors, fonts, and other style sheet issues are still a little funky, and through this week we will tweak it so the overall site will look a little smoother and function a little better than the previous theme. Oh yeah, we also finally have a logo, hurray!

Our weekly social media giveaways are still not generating the response we have hoped for. Once the website gets to a slightly more functional state with the style tweaks and patch fix, we are going to look to spend a little bit on advertising to bump up the followers on twitter and Facebook page likes. With that then we will do another weekly giveaway and gauge if there is an increased response. Hopefully we were attempting this on too small of a sampling size for it to work as intended to. This is the direction we want to go so people can see the quality products we will be offering, but as it stands now we are running out of people who will retweet or share a status to win.

In the next week we will begin to look for someone to take on some of the online marketing and social media responsibilities for the company starting January 1. If you are reading this and know of anyone in this field looking for some part time experience or ideally an internship for school, have them reach out to us. Look for our website to be a little easier on the eyes and, patch permitting, to have a product or two up this week. Also, look for a little jump in social media connections. Please remember if you already won a giveaway, you are more than welcome to enter each week! If we end up giving a handful of people multiple things then so be it.

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