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Hemp Bath Bombs


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These Hemp Bath Bombs are made with simple and natural ingredients, to give to the maximum luxurious experience with no harmful additives. Pick your favorite scent, and be taken away into a land of relaxation.

Baking Powder and Citric Acid to create the fun fizziness you want from a bath bomb. As an extra bonus, Citric Acid will help soften and neutralize harmful ingredients potentially in your bath water such as chlorine. Hemp Seed Oil to add richness, and help rejuvenate your skin. Epsom Salt to soften the water, and add extra anti-inflammatory properties. Essential Oils to create a wonderful smell and experience, and whisk you away.



Secret Falls

As you cut down the barely visible path deeper into the ravine, you finally see the clearing. A beautiful hidden waterfall oasis completely hidden from society, surrounded by wild flowers. The tree cover hides your secret getaway full of floral perfumes in the air from others.

Major Notes: Lavender, Lemongrass, Pine. Minor Notes: Cedar, Eucalyptus

OC Groves –

Roll back time to a place where Southern California was unadulterated by progress and industrialization. Wild orange groves scattered the inland basin with other citrus trees and wildflowers.

Major Notes: Orange, Lemongrass. Minor Notes: Rose, Eucalyptus

Summit Peak –

You finally made it to the top. Take in a deep breath of the fresh mountain air and smell the forest below you just journeyed through.

Major Notes: Mint. Minor Notes: Eucalyptus, Cedar, Tea Tree, Rose

Oasis Gardens –

Close your eyes and take a breathe in the fragrances of a luscious garden full of wildflowers and aromatics.

Major Notes: Rose, Lavender. Minor Notes: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Mint

Enchanted Forest –

Find yourself surrounded by tall, ancient guardians of the Earth in trees as you wander deeper into the heart of the forest.

Major Notes: Pine, Cedar. Minor Notes: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus

Natural –

Our natural option is both odorless and colorless. For those with skin sensitivities to fragrances, or who simply want to enjoy the raw healing power of these bath bombs, this is the rout to go. Contains no essential oils or micas.


Power Boosts:

Add an extra boost of healing power with extra hemp extract (CBD). Pick how strong you want, and lose yourself in the completely relaxing and healing waters.

50 mg: A touch of hemp extract (CBD) to boost the relaxation of your bath. You shouldn’t notice or feel any difference during your bath experience, but your body will thank you later.

100 mg: An extra touch of relaxation, bordering on adding pain management properties. Think of it like an amazing night of deep sleep.

300 mg: This extra strength bath bomb is designed for body healing. Useful for sports recovery, major pain mediation, and medical ailments such as full body arthritis or skin conditions.


Pack Size:

Fell in love with these Hemp Bath Bombs? We completely understand, and offer quantity packs to discount the per piece cost for ongoing use and enjoyment! Available in single, three packs, or cases of 12.



Baking Powder, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Hemp Seed Oil, Essential Oil Blends*, Mica, Water

*See specific scent options “notes” for essential oils in each bath bomb.

**PLEASE NOTE! These bath bombs are based with hemp seed oil and essential oil blends. As such, that means you will have oil in your tub water, which likes to rise to the surface. When you drain your tub, it will be slippery! We advise to either remove yourself before the water fully drains, or better yet, to take a final 5 minutes shower to remove slippery oils from surface before attempting to leave. Proceed with caution.


Want to fully immerse yourself in the experience? Add a Hemp Wax Candle or three around your bath with matching scent to fully immerse yourself in a fragrant getaway.

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Secret Falls, OC Groves, Tree of Souls, Summit Peak, Oasis Garden

Power Boost

None, 50 mg, 100 mg, 300 mg

Pack Size

Single, Three Pack, Case of 12

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