Hemp Body Spray

Hemp Body Spray




Natural Oils, Natural Spray: Hemp Body Spray

Refresh yourself with all natural hemp body spray from Hemp Authority. Offered in two scents, these sprays feature natural hemp oil that’s safe for your skin. Hemp is a great alternative for those who have sensitive or dry skin, as it’s all natural and free of harmful chemicals. These body sprays are great for daily use and are naturally long lasting. Our favorite scent is Naked in the Woods, and we also have our #2 scent available for this product in High Tide.

Naked In the Woods: Hints of both plants and spices, it truly encapsulates the different scents of the woods. White tea leaves scents bring the feeling of spring time new leaves growing. Gingers brings in the scents of roots and ground cover. Personal favorite scent of Hemp Authority.

High Tide: Very light floral and citrus scent, scent is more “clean” than it is “scented”. Hard to describe.. Close your eyes, you are on a trail heading down to the beach, surrounded by native tropical plants and sand dunes. Take a deep breath, nailed it. The name High Tide is a perfect description for this scent, not to be confused with low tide.


Hemp beauty products from Hemp Authority are great to use on all skin types. Fill your beauty closet with hemp products to support our environment and give your skin the hydration and care it deserves.


Looking for even more? Check out our entire lineup of Hemp Beauty Products to meet all of your Hemp Beauty needs!


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

High Tide, Naked in the Woods


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