Hemp Coffee Filter


Hemp Coffee Filter for a long lasting, durable, reusable replacement for an otherwise disposable item.

Stop spending hard-earned money on flimsy paper filters that just get tossed straight into the garbage. Reusable, eco-friendly coffee filters from Hemp Authority are hand made in Hawaii using 100% natural Hemp fabric. The durable Hemp material excellent at preventing sediment from leaking into your coffee, and our fabric will not rip or tear like delicate paper filters. And with a Hemp filter there is no unpleasant papery aftertaste, just the simple, smooth and flavorful coffee that you deserve.

Product Details:

  • All-Natural Hemp Fabric
  • Washable
  • Can be used wet or dry!
  • Anti-microbial – prevents bacteria growth
  • Sizes: #2 (small), #4 (standard), and #6 (large)

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The cone shape of our Hemp coffee filters is widely preferred over traditional flat-bottom round filters, as the unique funnel design guarantees optimal brewing results. The shape and style of our filters assures that every cup of coffee is strong, smooth and sediment-free, and the slow brew that comes with using a heavy fabric filter assures optimal saturation of the coffee grounds, so each pot brews evenly and effortlessly.

Our Hemp filters are super easy to clean, just rinse until the water runs clear. Be sure to rinse your filter thoroughly after each use to avoid the buildup of coffee stains and sediment, which can alter the taste of your coffee and reduce the lifespan of your Hemp filter.

These reusable Hemp coffee filters are the perfect alternative to disposable paper filters. Same brilliant result, no daily waste. And unlike most permanent filters, our Hemp filters can use the same smooth grind favored by coffee connoisseurs, ideal for brewing the smoothest and most flavorful cup of coffee each and every time.

Directions: Wash carefully before first use. Place filter in coffee maker and add coffee grounds. After brewing, rinse filter thoroughly until water runs clear, making sure to remove all coffee residue. Filter can be used wet or dry at your convenience. Can be put in either the dishwasher or with laundry, just make sure to dispose of coffee grounds first.

If you have a composter, save your coffee grounds for this! Coffee grounds are great for compost. If not, look into the great benefits of starting one today and further cutting down on your family’s waste.


Need some Hemp Coffee to put in your new Hemp Coffee Filter? We have a wide range of hemp infused food and beverage products. You can use this for loose leaf Hemp or CBD Tea as well!

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .5 in

#2, #4, #6

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