Hemp Dream Catchers

Hemp Dream Catchers


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A protective charm that originated with the Chippewa Native American people, the dream catcher is said to protect those who utilize its powers against bad dreams and nightmares. Ancient Ojibwe legends speak of the Spider Woman, Asibikaashi, who protected the people of the land until her tribes became so spread out that she could no longer reach them all. In an effort to compensate for her absence, the elder women in the tribes would hand weave these magical spidery webs for the children out of willow hoops, animal sinew and thread made from plant fibers. The dream catchers were said to filter out all bad dreams, leaving only positive thoughts and energies to penetrate the mind. The tightly webbed intricate design, which was used to represent the protection of the Spider Woman, was said to capture all bad dreams in its snare, while good dreams were free to fall down through the feathers and into the dreamer. And when the sun finally rose, all bad dreams would simply disappear with the dawn of a new day.
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This dainty and gorgeous dream catcher is intricately wrapped and hand woven using 100% natural Hemp cord. Dazzling glass beads are interwoven into the central webbing, and Hemp cord tails are affixed with beautiful, natural feathers and even more of our delicately beautiful glass beads. The whimsical, multi-tonal feathers come in a bohemian mix of dusty purple, brown, beige and black, while elegant glass beads in a chic dusty purple hue add a bit of sophistication to an otherwise bohemian, earthy design. The wheel is a metal hoop approximately 2 inches in diameter, with a circumference of roughly 6 inches. Dream catcher measures approximately 5 inches, top to bottom, and comes with a durable fingertip cord for easy hanging.

These dream catchers can be used in the traditional fashion by affixing the ornament to the wall directly behind your bed, but they are also highly versatile decorative accents. Light and airy, these dream catchers are perfect for hanging in a window or a sunroom. They are small enough to be used as a charm on a backpack or handbag, as a rearview decoration in your car or even worn as jewelry. With their expert craftsmanship and stunning designs, our beautiful, intricate dream catchers make a wonderful addition to any home.[/expand]

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