Hemp Tattoo Ink Pain Relief

Hemp Tattoo Ink Pain Relief


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You love ink as much as we love hemp. Or maybe this is your first time. Either way, that’s why we created a special restorative formula designed to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help speed up healing time! Apply two to three times a day after tattoo application to reduce pain and assist with inflammation. Repeat for approximately two weeks, or when pain and inflammation have stopped. When pain and inflammation have subsided, switch to a natural hemp based lotion two to three times daily for the next two weeks. Thereafter use a daily natural hemp based lotion to keep skin healthy.

Tattoo and Microblading Recovery Serum

May Benefit:
• Improves post tattoo recovery
• Reduces puffiness and inflammation
• Reduces redness and irritation
• Improves dry, flaky and dehydrated skin
• Improves cellular renewal and collagen
• Improves recovery time for tattooed area
• Reduces free radicals
• Reduces minor pain


Key Ingredients:
Organic Jojoba Oil
Non-GMO Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil (200mg)


Consult your tattoo artist for proper care instructions. If pain and / or swelling becomes severe, seek medical attention immediately as it is most likely a sign of an infection. Product not intended to replace any recommendations by tattoo artist or doctor. Use your head, listen to the professionals.

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