Hemp Kitchen Towels


Hemp Kitchen Towels




Cut Down on Germs in Your Kitchen by Using Hemp Kitchen Towels!

Using these hemp dish towels from Hemp Authority can help to cut down on the mold and germs in your kitchen. Hemp is a naturally anti-microbial fabric, which means your dish towels won’t hold on to the waste they clean in the kitchen sink. This means your towels will last longer, and can be used with confidence!

These towels are 7.5×25 inches and are made out of 100% organic hemp cotton blend terry. This fabric has two different textures, on one side it is terry, on the other jersey. These are sized to fit perfectly in the cupboard hand towel holder. This way the hemp dish towel can hang in one layer and dry much quicker.

Bundle and save! We offer different quantity options, each one reduces the per piece cost of the hemp kitchen towels. Choose from a single towel to sets of three or five pieces for savings.

Hemp kitchen towels can handle normal washer/dryer settings. However, to prolong life of the fabric, we would recommend gentle settings and hang/sun drying when possible. We also recommend not using fabric softeners, as they will leave a film on the fabric and will decrease absorption. Vinegar is a great natural alternative if you have never tried it before to fabric softeners, and to overall increase the wear life of your clothing.

Please note that the color variation options refer to the trim of the product, not the entire linen. Reference the pictures for specific examples. The linen itself would be a “natural” color, which is an off white.

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Additional information

Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × .3 in

1, 3, 5


Natural, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Pink, Assorted


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