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Super casual Hemp sandals are an awesome eco-friendly option for wherever your life may take you. These versatile slip on sandals are made of 100% all-natural, hand-loomed Wild Nepali Hemp with a soft rubber outsole. They are incredibly comfortable, sturdy and durable; perfect for trips to the beach, all-day music festivals, flea markets, and a whole host of other activities anyone might appreciate. The simple, bohemian style of this shoe is casual, practical and earthy. Stable, heavy-duty criss-cross straps prevent your sandals from sliding around and tripping you up, and the natural absorption properties of Hemp material assures that your feet remain cool and dry all day.
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These sandals are far superior to the cheap plastic and foam flip flops that are so popular for summertime. Relaxed Hemp material will never pinch and pull your skin like hard, rubbery plastic, and the soft rubber outsole will not wear out easily like delicate, spongy foam. Our materials are more durable against the elements, as well, so your sandals will not be ruined by a dip in the ocean or a sudden summer storm.

Handmade in Nepal in accordance with the fair trade movement, these sandals are hand crafted by local village artisans, not made in overrun factories, plants or workshops. Fair trade assures fair wages, ethically sound working conditions, environmental protection and sustainability, and a cooperative respect for cultural identity. These practices guarantee that producers of local, handmade goods are representative of the cultures and communities in which they are created. The system enables village artisans to remain in their own homes and with their families rather than traveling to faraway factories and workshops to make a living. It also affords them the creative freedom which allows us to provide you with these authentic, high quality hand-crafted items.

So stop wasting your hard earned money on cheap plastic flipflops that snap and disintegrate, and instead invest in a pair of these hand crafted, all-natural and super comfortable Hemp sandals. They’re not only better for your feet, but they’re better for your wallet, as well!

Criss-cross sandals are available in a Neutral-toned Khaki color with black rubber outsole. Sandals are made from hand loomed, all-natural Hemp, so there may be slight color variations to the photo.

Size Chart:
Small (Corresponds to Men’s 6-7, Women’s 7-8)
Medium (Corresponds to Men’s 8-9, Women’s 9-10
Large (Corresponds to Men’s 10-11, Women’s 11-12)

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Small, Medium, Large


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