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These awesome, earthy hemp shoes are hand crafted by village artisans using only the highest quality of Wild Nepali Hemp. A resilient, woven Hemp fabric is used to construct the majority of the shoe, while a solid Hemp canvas is used for the collar and back strap. A soft rubber piece is added to the outsole for cushioning and durability. These Hemp shoes are fashioned in a convenient slip-on style loafer with a classic flat sole for comfort and simplicity, and the split-top upper opens the shoe up to fit a variety of sizes. The shape and style are expertly crafted, and the tough, lightweight Hemp material offers strength and stability without constricting or cutting in.
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Super comfortable and great for every day, these shoes are amazing for hanging around the house, relaxing beside the pool, walking along the beach, and much more. Earthy, versatile and travel-friendly, these are the perfect shoes to have on hand during a relaxing island vacation! Heavy-duty woven Hemp fabric is sturdier and softer than traditional cotton and twice as durable, so your shoes are sure to go the distance. The eco-friendly Hemp fabric is light and airy, built to wick moisture so feet are sure to stay cool and dry. Perfect for hot, humid summer days! And thanks to the awesome natural antibacterial properties of the Hemp plant, the material is never prone to mildew and odor.
Handmade in Nepal in accordance with the fair trade movement, these slip on loafers are hand crafted by local village artisans, not made in overrun factories, plants or workshops. Fair trade assures fair wages, ethically sound working conditions, environmental protection and sustainability, and a cooperative respect for cultural identity. These practices guarantee that producers of local, handmade goods are representative of the cultures and communities in which they are created. The system enables village artisans to remain in their own homes and with their families rather than traveling to faraway factories and workshops to make a living. It also affords them the creative freedom which allows us to provide you with these authentic, high quality hand-crafted items

Slip on loafers are available in a Neutral-toned Khaki color with black accents for a pure, earthy feel.

Size Chart:
Small (Corresponds to Men’s 6-7, Women’s 7-8)
Medium (Corresponds to Men’s 8-9, Women’s 9-10
Large (Corresponds to Men’s 10-11, Women’s 11-12)

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in

Small, Medium, Large


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