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Hemp Wax Candles


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Our Hemp Wax Candles are made by combining hemp seed oil with soy wax and fragrances to create aromatic relaxation. The wax is animal free and made from partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Each candle is made with a hemp wick in the center, and they are all crafted in small batches in house in California. Choose your favorite scent and size, and start enjoying your new favorite candle!


Soy Wax, Hemp Oil, Essential Oils, Hemp Wick



Natural –

Our natural option is both odorless and colorless. Contains no essential oils or micas.

Secret Falls

As you cut down the barely visible path deeper into the ravine, you finally see the clearing. A beautiful hidden waterfall oasis completely hidden from society, surrounded by wild flowers. The tree cover hides your secret getaway full of floral perfumes in the air from others.

Major Notes: Lavender, Lemongrass, Pine. Minor Notes: Cedar, Eucalyptus

OC Groves –

Roll back time to a place where Southern California was unadulterated by progress and industrialization. Wild orange groves scattered the inland basin with other citrus trees and wildflowers.

Major Notes: Orange, Lemongrass. Minor Notes: Rose, Eucalyptus

Summit Peak –

You finally made it to the top. Take in a deep breath of the fresh mountain air and smell the forest below you just journeyed through.

Major Notes: Mint. Minor Notes: Eucalyptus, Cedar, Tea Tree, Rose

Oasis Gardens –

Close your eyes and take a breathe in the fragrances of a luscious garden full of wildflowers and aromatics.

Major Notes: Rose, Lavender. Minor Notes: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Mint

Enchanted Forest –

Find yourself surrounded by tall, ancient guardians of the Earth in trees as you wander deeper into the heart of the forest.

Major Notes: Pine, Cedar. Minor Notes: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus



Small Glass Jar

  • Measurements: 2″ by 2″ by 2″ square glass jar

Medium Pillar

  • Measurements: Approximately 3″ diameter (across), and approximately 3″ tall

Large Pillar

  • Measurements: Approximately 3″ diameter (across), and approximately 6″ tall.
  • This is a large and heavy candle! It will last you a while.


Important notes on the pillar hemp wax candles:

  • Please take the hemp paper label off of the candle before use. It is paper. It will catch on fire.
  • These are pillar candles, which means that they have no container. Make sure you have an appropriate location and base for lighting these candles, as they will sweat off a lot off liquid wax.


Now that you have your home smelling wonderful, feel free to browse our entire lineup of Hemp Home Goods for more ways to live a hempy lifestyle.

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Natural, Summit Peak, OC Groves, Oasis Gardens, Secret Falls, Enchanted Forest


Small Glass Jar, Medium Pillar, Large Pillar

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