Hemp Wick Spool


In search of a safer, cleaner, and more eco-friendly substitute to traditional cigarette lighters? Our Hemp Wick Spool is exactly what you’re looking for!

One Hemp Wick Spool is 700 feet of Hemp Wick

Product information and specifications:

The hemp wick -100% Hemp, 1MM (.04 inches) coated with with Bees Wax
This spool of hemp twine has been covered with bee’s wax allowing the twine to hold a flame like a candle. This item is perfect as a natural lighter for pipes or cigars. The wax allows it to burn and at the same time gives it rigidity to allow it to hold its shape.
Breaking Load: 20 pounds – Not designed to be a load bearing twine, this is a hemp wick for carrying a flame.

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One of our most versatile products, Hemp wick can be used for nearly any type of flame you need. It is the perfect product for smokers, as Hemp wick preserves the flavor of your products and reduces exposure to and inhalation of butane fumes, while also greatly extending the lifespan of your lighter.

Hemp Wick is also ideal for candle makers looking for an all-natural, organic alternative to traditional braided cotton wicks. Our Hemp wick contains no fillers or stiffening agents, so you can be certain that your candle wicks are 100% metal free.

The slow burning quality of the wick also makes this product a great addition to any emergency survival kit! The Hemp wick may be extinguished immediately or can be left to burn safely in an enclosed area, as there is no concern in producing harmful fumes or unpleasant, chemical odors.

The natural antimicrobial properties of Hemp and the water resistant quality of beeswax make this a highly durable substance, not prone to disintegration or decomposition. Perfect for grilling, camp fires, candle making, tobacco pipes, and much more.

To use, simply ignite the end of the Hemp wick and use the flaming tip to light candles, cigarettes, tobacco pipes, camp fires, etc.


Even More:

Hemp Wick Spool too long for your needs? We certainly sell Hemp Wick in smaller quantities as well. Please use the links below to find our consumer level Hemp Wicks with lengths of 10 foot or 50 foot.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 in


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