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Looking to promote your own brand in a fun and unique way? Hemp Wick wholesale are a great way to do just that. Printed on hemp and recycled paper card stock, this is the ultimate product to discuss the many uses and benefits of hemp. Use them as a giveaway to promote brand awareness, or an easy impulse purchase near checkout registers. Simply provide us the artwork file, and we will do the rest. Note, this is printed on our hemp and recycled paper card stock. What does that mean? This is not a glossy paper, nor do we offer options to print on other things. It’s supposed to be printed on the hemp card stock. The recycled paper has flecks in the paper and is an off white / natural color. It greatly benefits from minimalist designs, meaning no background colors. If you want full colors / backgrounds colors, we will do it. It looks better when that is not the case.


Product information and specifications:

The hemp wick -100% Hemp, 1MM (.04 inches) coated with with Bees Wax
This spool of hemp twine has been covered with bee’s wax allowing the twine to hold a flame like a candle. This item is perfect as a natural lighter for pipes or cigars. The wax allows it to burn and at the same time gives it rigidity to allow it to hold its shape.
Breaking Load: 20 pounds – Not designed to be a load bearing twine, this is a hemp wick for carrying a flame.

The hemp paper – 70# medium to heavy weight hemp blended card stock. Made from 25% hemp and 75% recycled paper stock to make it 100% sustainable.


Quantity and ordering information:

Two pricing tiers available which include the printing of your artwork on the front fold of the hemp wick inside and outside. Please feel free to mix and match, and or order multiples of the quantities. For example, if you wish to order 500 Hemp Wick Wholesale, you would order the 100 pack with a quantity of five to ensure the best pricing for you.

5′ Lengths:

25: $1.50 per piece, $37.50 total plus shipping
100: $1.00 per piece, $100 total plus shipping

We also now have available 10 foot and 20 foot lengths to choose from.

Artwork Instructions

A representative will be in contact with you shortly after you have placed your order to request your artwork file. We DO NOT offer design services as a part of this purchase. You provide the finalized artwork file for this product. Acceptable files are PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG.

Dimensions for print area: 3.5″ Long x 1″ Tall inside and outside. Any relative larger ratios can be shrunk down. Any artwork provided with different ratios runs a risk of being warped.

Lead Time: Approx 2-4 weeks for manufacturing upon receiving artwork


Even More:

Hemp Wick Wholesale too many for your needs? We certainly sell Hemp Wick in smaller quantities as well. Please use the links below to find our consumer level Hemp Wicks with lengths of 10 foot or 50 foot, as well as our Hemp Wicks Spool, clocking in at an impressive 700 feet of hemp wick awesomeness. We also provide additional Hemp Wholesale options or Custom Hemp options for all your brand building needs.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in

25, 100

Wick Length

5 Feet, 10 Feet, 20 Feet

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    5 stars

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    hemp hemp hooray

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