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An excellent eco-friendly Hemp wallet hand-crafted in the exotic Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. The body of the wallet is 100% woven hemp with hemp canvas edging. Hemp is an all-natural, eco-friendly material that is stronger, more durable and longer lasting than most other materials. Sturdy, yet flexible, our heavy-duty Hemp material won’t wear or crack, even with heavy, everyday use.

This supersized bi-fold hemp wallet measures approximately 5 inches x 4 inches when closed using the Velcro fastener, or 5 inches x 9 inches when fully opened. Velcro closure folds over and fastens to the back of the wallet for additional security. Slightly larger than a standard bi-fold wallet, this is the perfect accessory for those who carry a large amount of cash, change, or credit cards and need a little extra wiggle room out of their wallet.
Our casual, bohemian Hemp wallets come in a natural beige/cream color with  green Hemp leaf print on both sides. Each piece is handmade, so each may have a slightly different look. Great accessory for anyone who has ever felt like their wallet was just too small and delicate. The all natural woven Hemp material has a slightly rustic, earthy look that is simple, tasteful, and classic without being boring. This wallet is made with heavy duty materials for heavy duty use, and the solid, reinforced stitching makes for a high quality eco-friendly accessory that is sure to last a lifetime.

Bi-Fold Hemp Wallet features:
1 Large open pocket for paper bills or checkbooks (measures 8 in x 5 in)
1 Small open pocket for credit cards, gift cards or store cards (4 in x 5 in)
1 Small zippered pocket for loose change or valuables (4 in x 5 in)
Velcro fastener tab (1 inch x 5 inches)

Handmade in Nepal in accordance with the fair trade movement, this wallet is hand crafted by local village artisans, not made in overrun factories, plants or workshops. Fair trade assures fair wages, ethically sound working conditions, environmental protection and sustainability, and a cooperative respect for cultural identity. These practices guarantee that producers of local, handmade goods are representative of the cultures and communities in which they are created. The system enables village artisans to remain in their own homes and with their families rather than traveling to faraway factories and workshops to make a living. It also affords them the creative freedom which allows us to provide you with these authentic, high quality hand-crafted items.

Note: This wallet measures 5” wide x 9” long. This model is larger than a traditional bi-fold wallet and thus may not fit into a standard sized pocket.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .5 in

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    hemp hemp hooray

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