Lean and Green Tote

Lean and Green Tote


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Unbeatable price, incredible value! Simplicity is the star of the show when it comes to our classic, all-natural Hemp tote bag. Perfect for everyday use, this functional and fashionable hand-crafted tote bag features 100% natural Hemp canvas and webbing for optimal strength and support. A simple solo compartment makes for easy access to all of your belongings and the open pocket style is ideal for on-the-go folks who don’t have the time or patience to fuddle around with zippers and buttons! Reinforced straps and elegant topstitching gives this piece a crisp, stylish feel while assuring that your bag will hold up under the weight of school books, groceries, even camping and hiking equipment. The reinforced stitching lends additional support and will help prevent fraying and stretching of seams with the weight of the bag. An unlined interior lessens the bulk, so the bag feels sleek and lightweight. Unique infinity style handle adds additional strength and support to an already sturdy piece. Full-length webbed strap loops under the bag, preventing any excessive strain on the fabric and adding strength and stability to the base of the bag. Straps are comfortably soft and the ideal length for easy shoulder, elbow or handheld carrying!

Handcrafted in the United States with all-natural materials, this eco-friendly Hemp bag is perfect for textbooks, gym clothes, and anything else your heart desires. And not only are our reusable bags environmentally friendly, but your local grocery store may even offer a discount for using one! Who needs more incentive than that?

Care: Machine wash with cold water. Tumble dry, low heat.
Width: 18”
Height: 14”
Gusset: 6”

100% Hemp

Made in America
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Benefits of using hemp or hemp blends in clothing:
-Naturally UV resistant straight from the hemp plant.
-Antimicrobial naturally thanks to the wonders of the hemp plant.
-Odor Resistant from hemp’s antimicrobial properties.
-Mildew Resistant once again from the antimicrobial properties.
-Durable versus other materials due to hemp’s natural strength.
-Wicks Moisture better compared to other materials.
-Hemp has one of the lowest carbon footprints around. Hemp can be used to make homes with a negative carbon footprint! Every item you buy made with hemp helps the environment. While one item may seem insignificant, 99 is not 100 and every bit helps.

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