New Beauty Products to Keep you Looking Fresh!

New Beauty Products to Keep you Looking Fresh!

Summer has just begun, and what better way to have fun under the sun than with five new, all-natural beauty products and two new scents of bar soap added to the summer 2014 line up! Treat your body to the luxuries of all natural products sure to leave you feeling clean and refreshed. These products are safe for you and the environment as well.


With our focus on natural beauty products made with hemp oil, we are happy to introduce a necessity in the shower- the Wonder Seed Hemp Shampoo. This 8oz bottle of all natural shampoo is perfect for any hair types, including colored hair. With a fresh orange scent, this shampoo is child friendly too. Of course, the highlight ingredient is hemp seed oil, which helps to clear up embarrassing problems like a dry, itchy or flakey scalp, Eczema, and Psoriasis. Another great quality about this product is that it is 100% vegan and animal cruelty free. You will be able to spoil your hair and be kind to the environment with this Wonder Seed Hemp Shampoo.

If you want extraordinary hair, the perfect solution is the Wonder Seed Hemp Oil Conditioner, is best used when followed by the Wonder Seed Hemp Shampoo. The Wonder Seed Hemp Oil Conditioner, sold in a 7oz bottle, helps team up with the hemp oil seed shampoo to restore dull and damaged hair while providing hemp seed oil nutrients for that smooth silky feel. This conditioner not only makes your hair more manageable, but it also has that fresh orange scent to leave your hair feeling natural and nourished. If you want that fresh out of the salon feeling, without the risk of damaging your hair with added fragrances and artificial colors, the Wonder Seed Hemp Oil Conditioner is the perfect product for you.

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