We are operational!

We are operational!


It looks like the Mayans were correct! Friday was not the end of the world (just like the Mayans said it wouldn’t be), but it was the beginning of a new era for Hemp Authority. It was the first day we could consider ourselves an operating company, meaning that there are now a few products available to purchase on the site. It is still a long way before we start actively promoting it and internally driving sales, but this is a huge step for us to move from planning to operate.

The website still needs a few “major” modifications to it before we will consider it in good working order moving forward. The main issue being that the shipping options that are currently integrated within our website backbone are simply not sufficient enough for what we need to do, so upgrading that is a priority for us. Currently products need to have a flat rate attached to each one of them which is fairly useless when shipping rates are different around the country. We will look to integrate hopefully UPS and USPS by the end of this week to make it more accurate with actual shipping costs. The aesthetics of it, specifically dealing with spacing issues and color issues still needs worked on as well, but in the grand scheme of things (or coming from a business perspective) we would rather get it working first before getting it looking perfect.

This coming week will be minimal for Hemp Authority as everyone minus the CEO is off for the holidays for the week. We will squeeze in a giveaway at some point and try to get some further action on the website, but other than that it is a week to spend with family. On behalf of Hemp Authority and all of its employees, I would like to wish everyone reading this a happy and safe holiday.


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