Weekly Update 12.9

Weekly Update 12.9

A lot of good backend things happened this week to help the company function better moving forward. The state of PA finally moved our last business document through allowing us to have all the official numbers and documents lined up to be able to open official bank accounts, company cards, a UPS account, and all of those things critical to running a business. We received the majority of stock and supplies for our research and development lab for a forthcoming product line that will hopefully be the flagship line for Hemp Authority for the foreseeable future.


In the most exciting giveaway to date, we had a solid two people qualify for the socks giveaway. Twitter user @TaylorBCool won the coin flip and has some quality hemp socks coming to them. If you are reading this and know anyone who likes free things, PLEASE encourage them to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Social media presence is a large part of our future marketing plans so if growth continues to be stagnant from giveaways we may need to rethink our strategies. This week we are going to target Facebook and Twitter growth a little more than usual so hopefully we can get it moving along.


At some point next week if everything goes to plan there should be at least one product up and available for sale on the site.  We’ve also been promised by design contract #8 that the logo will be ready on Monday. If there is one ongoing rule to go by for Hemp Authority is if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. The placeholder logo is just that, and until we get exactly what we want for it, we aren’t going to settle for anything less.

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