Welcome to Hemp Authority!

Welcome to Hemp Authority!

First and foremost, welcome! You have stumbled upon the very first post for Hemp Authority. Decades from now we can sit together on a park bench feeding the ducks while reminiscing on how you’ve been with us through it all.

What is Hemp Authority you may ask? On the surface, it is currently a web based retail outlet for forthcoming products. Looking further, it is much more than that. Consider this the seed that will in time grow into a great redwood. With proper care and a little bit of luck, it will turn into something great. Economic winds are shifting, legislation changing, and public opinion swaying; those things combined have created a huge market opportunity we intend to capitalize on.

So what got us to this point? As cliché as it sounds, it started with an idea. An idea that was fostered and nurtured over time. After many long nights of work and some key acquaintances, and here we are!

Where are we going next? Well, some products for sale would be nice, wouldn’t it? If only it were that easy… Everything we put out to the public needs to go through testing with us beforehand to make sure we provide the quality on which we base ourselves. As much as I would like to pretend this is just a ship we are blindly sailing around, we need to fine tune our business and marketing plan so it is precise.

In the meantime, give us a Facebook like, Twitter follow, or feed subscription. As we move forward, we will be sending out random tidbits to go along with the weekly posts which will be more detailed into specific aspects of our company. We will also be having a lot of social media drawings for test products as we work them towards production level, so hopefully our followers like free stuff!

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