Wholesale Hemp

Wholesale Hemp by Hemp Authority

Yes, Hemp Authority does do wholesale hemp! Even better than that, the majority of our items are manufactured right here in the USA. Our bag offerings are manufactured by our partner company, Hemp Power Bag, in Vermont. All of our socks are custom made for us by a factor in new Jersey. We make all of the belts in house. We have a few different options to fit your specific needs:

  • B2B wholesale- Your customary wholesale arrangements, suited best for Brick and Mortar establishments looking to add Eco-Friendly hemp products to compliment and strengthen existing opportunities. Fits Eco-Friendly stores, all cannabis industry related stores, apparel and accessories stores geared towards all ages and demographics, and many more.
  • Custom Printing- Ideal for Brick and Mortar, as well as online outlets, looking to create their own designs on hemp shirts, bags, and more. Ideal for any company looking for higher quality, Eco-Friendly, or American Made customer printing opportunities.
  • Custom Manufacturing- Low minimum manufacturing bother foreign and domestic for specific apparel designs, the perfect bag for your company, or whatever else you may need.

To get started, please fill out a wholesale application:

  • Our wholesale signup is closed for 2021, while we focus on servicing our existing clients and prepare for the holiday season. We appreciate your understanding, please check back in 2022 for new clients to reopen!

We will review your application and have a qualified Hempster get back to you to help. If you have any questions, you may also email them to us!

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